Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sorry Day In the Life...


This is how my day went yesterday...

923 am - I wake to a scraping noise and my brain is trained to think this  might be a dog who needs to go the bathroom and it sure as heck isn't going to be in MY house, so I jump up to let them out. It's a cat playing with a toilet paper tube... I see the child wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, reading her acting script (for a play at church). 
me - 'Good morning, smooch! What are you doing?'
smooch - 'Practicing.'
me - 'How long have you been up?'
smooch - *looks at clock* '23 minutes'.
me - 'have the dogs gone out?'
smooch - 'no.'
me - 'have you fed them?'
smooch - 'no.'
me - *sigh* 'Okay, let's get school started. Grab your blanket and let's go.' I put the dogs out, grab a bag of grapes and head to the bedroom. Pull out my schedule. No child forthcoming. 
me - 'where are you?'
smooch - 'I'm hungry. Going to make food.'
me - 'why didn't you do that when you got up?'
smooch - 'I wasn't hungry then.'
me - 'Grab a cup of cereal, some grapes, some cheese. Let's get started.' I'm in school mode. I'm sick, and want to get some stuff done before I crash back into my pillow again.
smooch - 'I don't want any of that, I want a burger.'
me - 'Okay, pop a burger in the pan, make an extra for the dogs and do your Flash Dash Latin on the computer while you're waiting for it to cook.' Cough, hack, blow my nose, I proceed to lay my head back on the pillow. One hour lapses. I pop up in confusion.
me - 'Smooch? Where are you?'
smooch - 'I'm cooking.'
me - 'It's been an hour. Where have you been?  What have you been doing all this time?'
smoooch - 'Well, I cooked my burger and one for the dogs, and then made some rice. I brushed the dogs hair and put them outside. I went out with them. It's muddy out there.'
me - *sigh* 'Did you do your Latin?'
smooch - 'no.'
me - 'Did you do any reading?'
smooch - 'no.'
me - *double sigh* 'So we haven't started school yet...'
smooch - 'What? None of that counts for school?'

I swear, some day we'll get it right.


Note - the day did not get any better. Normally, when I'm sick or something she is so good getting stuff done. Today I kept resting while she was doing her schoolwork and she would get sidetracked. We only got half of it done. But sometimes you can't help it when you're sick.

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