Friday, January 2, 2009

Homeschool Resolutions

As we near the holidays we have the hardest time keeping on track. We're always wanting to take vacation days. This year we did manage to do school right up until the holidays (hallelujah!) Our Christmas and New Years were wonderful. We haven't returned to the homeschooling yet. We might get a few days in next week and then we're off on vacation for another 9 days. Some schooling will find its way into our vacationing since we'll be visiting Cape Canaveral/NASA, Sea World, the beach and various Floridian hotspots of culture (can Disney count for something?! lol)

Anyway, since its the new year and I'm trying to live more consciously, I thought a few Homeschooling Resolutions were in order. Care to share some of your own?

1 - Better Record keeping. Oh my goodness! I need to be on top of this! We have weekly sheets. Monthly sheets. The teen even keeps track of her own hours! What is my deal?! I need to set aside Friday mornings to catch up on the weekly charts for the week, otherwise they wait weeks and I have to remember what we did. Try remembering how much the little one read 3 weeks ago! It's impossible! I can barely remember yesterday! (I still have not picked up the Desk Organizer. I need to get them to keep me organized!)

2 - More research. On my part. The teen is doing some alternative subjects for school yet I don't really have a plan. We kind of fly by the seat of our pants. I'll say 'okay, today work on measuring the house, look up how to build walls, estimate paint; for your engineering project'. But if I have no ideas for the next day, we skip it. I need at least a month planned out ahead of time. More research, more planning on my part.

3 - More Time Together. I know. We're together 24/7 but we don't spend time reading together anymore. I liked when we were reading through a book. I'm starting that back up again. The kids can do their art while we take turns reading to each other. Wonder what book we should start with? Classic? Contemporary book? Ideas? Also need to play games, all sorts.

4 - More of a Schedule. I know, some people are lamenting the fact that they're too booked, too scheduled. That's not a problem here! We used to set a timer to get subjects done. We used to fit in exercise and chores to our school schedule. I want to do that again.

5 - More fun. This is a must. We can get bogged down in textbooks and must dos, should dos, everyone is doing it so we musts. I want more field trips, science experiments, planned art projects, history dinners, etc... Life and school should be fun.
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