Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday 'Not' So Good To Me

Today is a typical Monday for us. I don't know what we do on weekends that flattens us out like pancakes under a semi, but on Mondays we're toast. Sundays we usually head to church for 2 hours and then a leisurely afternoon at the grandparents house, eating, reading, sometimes swimming. After that we have every intention of coming home, straightening the house so its ready for Monday's school start but instead we usually laze around in our respective areas reading, watching Food Network, cartoons or on the internet. It's down time for us. So I don't see why we're always so worn out on Mondays.

Today the girls both don't feel well and I'm propping my eyelids up with toothpicks. Didn't sleep well myself. Today we're forgoing traditional school and calling it a snow, I mean slow-day. Everyone has a book to read and either tea, hot chocolate or spiced cider to drink.

Reading material of the day:

9 yr old
The Boxcar Children
-- Little House in the Big Woods
-- Spiderwick Sprites
-- Elephants Don't Do Ballet
-- various other library books

Autobiography of Frank Lloyd Wright
-- Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens
-- (I'm sure she'll slip in a little reading of the new 1" thick
Vogue she borrowed to read.)

Artful Blogging
-- A Charlotte Mason Education
-- The Altered Book Scrapbook
-- Bent, Bound & Stitched
-- Alphabetica
-- The Shop on Blossom Street

I try not to feel the overwhelming urge to force children to do regular school (like spelling test, math homeschool, etc.) However, we have so much going on this week (Drs. appt, Homeschool Co-Op starts Friday, french Tutoring) that I have school on the brain. I guess we have another 35 weeks of school. We'll be just fine with one slow-day.


Tsoniki said...

Great idea to read if you are having a slow day. We caught up from last week over the weekend and today it is so nice out, it's hard to stay in to do seatwork. LOL

Robin said...

That's so funny! We are the opposite. I find that we get a tremendous amount done on Mondays and peter out by Friday. So, we often have a computer day on Fridays, where we just use the internet for education. We've got lots of educational sites bookmarked.
Oh, and btw, I read The Shop on Blossom Street. Loved it! Loved the whole series, as a matter of fact.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure I'll be back to yours. :-D

Renae said...

Monday are typically difficult for us, too. What is up with that?

I enjoyed your "slow day" quote very much! We have those around here, too.

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