Our Curriculum

2013/2014 9th Grade Year
Language Arts:
Grammar - Analytical Grammar
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise 9
Writing -
Institute for Excellence in Writing, November's NaNoWrimo & Creative Writing
Reading - Classics, Interesting books

Math - We split our time between Saxon Algebra 2 & Kahn Academy
Science - Apologia Biology
History - Sonlight American History

Spanish 1 - Bien Viaje 1 (taught by a former homeschooling mom/college teacher)
Music - Piano, Band/Guitar lessons
Life Skills - cooking, gardening
Art - self taught w/books & videos, drawing, painting, crocheting

2012-2013 8th Grade Year

Language Arts
Grammar - Still deciding between possibly Queen Homeschool or Easy Grammar/Daily Grams
Vocabulary for Classical Roots, B (I think?)
Writing - Looking at either Institute for Excellence in Writing, or Classical Composition
Latin - Latin for Children B
Spelling - I'm not sure we need any because we have the vocab...

Math - Sticking with Saxon Algebra 1
Science - Apologia Physical Science
History - Sonlight Core W, One Year World History
Analogies 1

Art - possibly Artistic Pursuits
Looking into Starting Points, a Worldview Primer. Very interesting approach and it has partnered with Institute for Excellence in Writing for its reports/essays, etc...
Do I need Logic at this stage?

2011-2012 7th grade Year

Here is what we ended up using:
Easy Grammar
Latin for Children A
Vocab/Spelling Lists pulled from Lord of the Rings books
Saxon Algebra 1/2
Apologia General Science
Sonlight Core 100 American History
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