Garden Gurus

We are in no way, shape or form GURUS in gardening but it sounded SOOOOO much better than Garden Killers. I'd imagine we're somewhere in between. In a few weeks the ground will start to defrost from its winter sleep and it will be time for us to plant. Right now we're anticipating adding new beds, new plants, new methods of caring for the beds that we utilized last year (have I mentioned we planted 9 tomato plants and harvested maybe 5 tomatoes? 5!!!!!!).

Once again, as with any new endeavor I take on, I obsess. So here you'll find links to garden blogs (especially ones written by homeschoolers), companies, how-tos, videos, whatever strikes my fancy.  If you have a blog that talks about your gardening endeavors, especially a homeschooling one, holler at me and I'll add a link to it. Thanks for visiting!

** NOTE: You can read all about our garden by reading these posts. **

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