Friday, May 2, 2014

Grounded Chores List

I haven't been posting much on this homeschool blog. We've been going about the business of homeschooling and not coming up for air often. But today we spent the whole day at the library, doing science and Spanish, math and finding new books. Sometimes it's nice to break from the norm. We're entering the home stretch for this 9th grader. Almost done. As the weeks go by, different subjects are finished. One more week of science and then 4 more of math only. I kind of like it when they stagger to a finish.

I've been a pinning fool on Pinterest lately. You can find me there under 'contessa kris'. The other day. I saw someone had posted a short list of chores for when a child is grounded. I thought, how wonderful! No more arguing about exactly when the child is ungrounded. She has to earn her things (music, tv, etc...) back! I took the info I found and expounded on it, adding the definition of grounding, several more ways to earn points and a penalty for complaining. It's not often we have grounding around here until the attitude gets in the way. This will come in handy then!





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