Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost Ready to Plant!

Okay, so I totally forgot I was supposed to be doing a real gardening post for The Gardening Challenge over at The Homeschool Lounge (note the fancy schmancy button they created just so I could share this challenge with you! Come join me in this challenge.)

I wasn't sure what new to say about our garden, seeing as we haven't started it yet and its 50 degrees out. Crossing fingers for a nice warm up this weekend!

I talked for the first time about the garden here, the previous years of gardening, the plants we want to have, the beds we'll be making, the lovely dirt we'll be ordering (Monday!!) It also had wonderful links to seed catalogs to order, studies for homeschoolers, great gardening information.

Here, I talked about the seeds we actually ordered, the people who will be gardening with us, successive gardening practices, my daughter's love of carrots... Oh yeah! I also showed you the free online gardening planner I found. That was a great link! I even mentioned the highly addicting, complete time waster of a game you can play that has nothing to do with gardening but is garden related: Plants vs. Zombies. Real important that. lol

I think even at one point I talked about the fact that we'll be getting chicks soon, and to be honest, their poop is magical. For the garden that is. Can't wait for that natural fertilizer to start appearing!

Today I posted a quick post mentioning that Seeds of Change is GIVING AWAY seeds, so hurry on over there to get your seeds for your garden.

AND, last but not least, if I haven't mention before (and I think I have), I  put up a Gardening Gurus page full of links to gardening blogs, videos, companies, ideas, books and fun gardening activities for the kiddos.

Now, as I mentioned in my first post on gardening, last year we built two raised beds using these plans. Tomorrow mommsy-dear is picking the kids and me up for some shopping at our local Lowes. It's time to create 4 more beds, time to buy the wood. Time to find a nice helpful Lowes person who will cut all the wood pieces to my specifications so I can just bring it all home and slap together 4 more beds. That's the easy part. After that we have to dig a few post holes to sink the beds in. THEN come Monday, I'm ordering a load of dirt to magically arrive and be dumped on my poor unsuspecting driveway. I guess I better pick up a wheel barrow tomorrow as well. How else will we get the dirt into the back yard, unless by bucket brigade? Who wants to help with that one? Huh? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

So, I'm off to write up the measurements for the bed pieces I need to order, so I can measure twice and cut once, instead of the highly probable but very irritating opposite. ** mumbles to herself, 'now was that 4 posts at 12" or 12 posts at 4"? Hmmmm...' **

Happy Gardening!


Cheryl said...

Good luck with the chicks and their magical poop LOL! I would love to have some chickens myself. On behalf of the HSV, thanks for linking up, hope to see you at the next link up, April 28.

Our Country Road said...

Always try to get Bueller's help!! I hope you get that great weather you are hoping for, you have a busy weekend ahead! Good luck!!

Zonnah said...

We got chicks this year as well as rabbits for the same reason, magical poo :) Good luck with your garden!

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