About our Family

(old pic: April 2006)

What can I say about this family?
* We've homeschooled for 13 years (2013/2014.)
* We've graduated a child (May 2010.)
* We've studied most kinds of learning paths but do best with eclectic, delight-led and Charlotte Mason styles. Unit studies work well too.
* Our children are very different. Our oldest is very artistically inclined, writes beautiful poetry and a super hard worker. Our youngest loves to draw, read, write, play music, bake and wants to own a bakery someday. She doesn't prefer the confines of structured school subjects.
* We're animal lovers (3 dogs, 3 cats. Someday maybe chickens.)
* Hubby and I have been married for almost 26 years.
* We're not perfect but are always striving to follow where God leads us.

My youngest, learning guitar recently. 2014

More about me:
I'm interested in art (all forms), reading, writing, traveling, blog building, meeting new people.

Some of My Blogs:


I welcome any and all comments and emails. I'm always excited to meet other homeschoolers and find new blogs to follow. I would love to exchange links and/or blog buttons. Feel free to CONTACT ME.
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