Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Confession

I have a confession.  

 (current library books/videos)

I have a tendency to order a lot of books and videos all at once from the library. It's really their fault, putting it all online where I can sit in the comfort of my cozy home and click order, order, order! If only they delivered their books too. You know, like the UPS guy or something. Actually they do deliver, but only to homebound people. This is good information to know for whenever I'm old and gray and unable to leave the house. At least I'll still be able to read. I won't be able to see, but I'll be able to read. 

That isn't the confession part.

(More books, these we own, I need to sell them.)

So, when I click on my account and see that I have 58 books and videos to pick up, I take stock. No, I haven't showered yet for the day. No, I have no car now that we're down to only one. Hubby should be coming home soon and maybe he can stop by the house, pick up my library card and bags and just 'run over' and pick them up? Oh, and maybe since he is going already, he can go ahead and return these 3 bags of 40+ books to the library. Since he's going 'anyway'. 

Here comes the confession.

 (recent thrift store finds)

I call hubby and say 'Please oh please can you go by the library, you know, after you stop by and get the bags and the library card? I'll make the teen go with you, to make it easy.' He agrees most of the time because he's sweet like that. Here's the confession part. I DON'T tell him I have 40+ books to return and I DON'T tell him it will be a massive pile of 58 books & videos for him to bring home. Yes, I'm evil like that.

So he goes to the library lugging the books. He drops down the book shoot. He and the teen lug the massive pile of books from the 'HOLD' shelf to the counter to be checked out and hands over my library card.

'You're homeschoolers, aren't you?' the librarian says with a chuckle.

Should I be offended by this statement?  Hey, at least I didn't have to be there when she said it.


ReneeK said...

Thanks for grabbing my button. I think I fixed the problem with what you suggested. Many blessings.

Vera said...

we have a similar story, always. Right now I'm waiting til tomorrow to go to the library, cause I just put about 30 on hold and only 10ish are in as of this morning. We've got 80 checked our right now, so we'll be making the swap too.
My librarian just comments to the kids, "oh, are you studying Germany now?"

Sonita @ said...

We live in the boonies and our librarians ask the same thing! And one always seems quite shocked at some of the books I check out. (it's like she's wondering "which redneck around here knows who Ansel Admas is?") LOL

5ennie said...

Too funny!!! I think you are worse than I am, and I thought I was bad with our weekly library hauls to and from the library :-D

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