Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have to do what? Yeah. Chores.

So, as most families go, except for the real annoying ones that have all their stuff together and get their chores done daily... we're not regular in that department. And we fight about it too. Whose turn it is, who is in charge of what. And I have to follow children around and constantly nag nag nag. I told hubby one time that one of MY chores is to make sure the children do THEIR chores. Because really it was a chore. They're easily distracted or they're disobedient. It's a constant struggle.

Lately we've been hearing the comment that 'we' don't work as much as they do, and why do they have to do 'everything' (when it's really one or two chores a week.) Hubby and I laugh at the absurdity of this statement. Children have no clue. But what bothers me about this statement is its said in disrespect. We've had many a grounding, talking to and yelling match about this very statement. I remind them that their job is not to question, but to do. I have also been praying about their attitudes because the constant fighting and instances of disrespect have been weighing on me.

To be fair, they don't always see all the things we do. If they had to do all that we do when they're not looking, they'd faint from exhaustion. I was making a list the other day of what I had been doing all day because I was starting to think maybe i didn't do as much. But I realized I do more things sitting down than physical labor, which is what they look for. 

Here's my recent list:
make grocery list, plan loose menu, organize coupons, read ads for sales, find coupons, plan bills for the paycheck, pay bills online, call insurance about cell phones, car repairs, schedule doctor appts, order medicines, schedule dog grooming, order gift certificates,  homeschool child, research homeschool projects, plan upcoming homeschooling, deal with homeschool paperwork, grade papers, cook food for dogs, feed dogs, walk dogs (several times), throw in laundry, pick up trash, straighten bathroom when I'm in there, replenish toilet paper holder, hang up clothes, make bed,  put up homeschool books after finished, wipe off toothpaste tube, organize bookshelf, make lunch, make pitcher of crystal light, turn off lights (often), lock doors at night, change trash, remind family of chores.  

So, all this wordiness to say, we have a new plan. I know, I had a plan here, but it just didn't work for me. I tried, but didn't make it more than a week or so.  However, NOW we're using My Job Chart. Someone on Facebook recommended it and I'm so glad they did. What made it even more enjoyable was sitting with the little one planning out jobs for EVERYONE in the family (hubby and me included.) That way she sees what we are in charge of on what days. We even worked out what would be rewards for accumulating a certain amount of points from doing her jobs (she opted for dad/mom time, rent redbox, game night, video game time, and movie tickets as her rewards. Some will take awhile to work towards.)

I highly recommend this program. It's free, and she just goes to the computer, logs in and checks off the things she has completed. At the end of the day I get an email telling me who has completed what. We introduced hubby and the sister to it this evening and after a lot of frowning, they're on board. This also helps me be more accountable. She gets all excited about helping me check off the things I've completed.

I'm curious to know how others keep up with their chores, divvy up the chores, etc... What's working, what isn't?

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