Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homeschool Conference with Open Eyes

So I've already signed up for the local homeschool conference. For quite a while I did not go, thinking, 'I know what I'm doing, it's just basically a big SELL fest.' But last year, since I was wrapping up and graduating a teen and would be back to having only one child to teach, I thought it might be prudent to attend again.

I also made the decision to stay up by the conference. Even though it was only 20  minutes away, hubby thought it was a good idea and I could get a couple nights away by myself. So that's what I am doing again this year. I've already booked my nice room. A local friend stays up there every year as well so I invited her to share my room if she wants. It should be a fun time. No kids, nobody to take care of but myself, NO COOKING!

I'm looking forward to classes. This year we tried to embrace the Charlotte Mason way of doing things and we did well for several months. But in the interest of getting more work done (catching up for our less than stellar month of December), we went back to longer times of schooling for each subject. I have still managed to keep in some of the subjects we picked up during our months of CM. We're still enjoying Latin and scripture memory. Writing is doing well. I need more structure in it though so we're learning key grammar things. Basically I just go let her write on her story. 

Last year my favorite speaker was Andrew Pudewa (he has great YouTube Videos here). He was amazing and made me think of homeschool and teaching writing and spelling in a whole new way. I was not able to purchase his writing program but I learned so much from him. I need to pull out last year's notes and relearn what he taught. If you get a chance to hear him, GO! P.S. Just looked up his website and remembered that he reminded me a lot of John Cleese! lol)

I'm hoping this year to see classes on Charlotte Mason and maybe a Grammar/Writing class that isn't all about worksheets and boring assignments. That works for some people, but not us. Plus the little one will be moving into 7th grade schooling. Middle school. I might cry, she is growing up so fast. Not sure what subjects we need to cover or how that will work. So I'm heading to the homeschool conference with open eyes. Looking for new ideas...

I wonder if others attend homeschool conferences still. What do you hope to get out of it?

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Dana said...

Ooh, a little weekend trip sounds kind of nice. I would have liked to have gone to our conference this year, but there is just too much stuff going on next month. I haven't actually ever been to a homeschool conference, but I did enjoy the curriculum fair when I was a school teacher.

Heidi said...

Maybe I need to embrace the possibility of a couple of days of just me time! I don't love to travel and have never done so on my own. To attend our conference would mean a 5 hour drive one way for me. Despite this, I still feel as though I might get something wonderful out of it!

LaughingLioness said...

Thanks for linking up!! I love what you said about a get-away ; )
Andrew Pudewa is one of my fav speakers- so much wisdom, and YES to the John Cleese thing!
I hope that you can stop by next Saturday for another "how to" link-up! Have a blessed week! Lisa

My name is Tiffany said...

I'm thinking of doing this. My husband said I can have two nights in a hotel by myself. I would like to plan, not sure though. I think you are in the same area as I by your hs conference photo.

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