Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Update - Buds & Bugs!


A couple weeks ago I did a life update of what had been going on with our homeschooling, our garden, our lives. Since then, things have changed in the garden tremendously!

lettuce, almost done
We're seeing massive growth on many things, and some have gone to seed just about. You know, those cool weather plants like lettuce, turnip greens and even our peas are starting to wilt. I'm thinking tomorrow I might make a makeshift cover out of sticks and cheesecloth for the peas, to see if we can get them to last longer. 

The massive growth that was so astonishing is the squash. Who knew it could grow so TALL! It's so big its threatening to overshadow the kale and it IS overshadowing the okra behind it. Who knows if that will grow enough to get plants.

The squash even has little flowers growing. Now that I look at the squash, I think I bought a special kind that is yellow in the middle and green on both ends. Very cool. I wonder if it will taste the same?

The tomato plants we planted long ago never grew. We finally broke down and bought plants. By the time we went to get some they were on sale for 25 cents and $1.25 for some bigger plants. So it pays to wait I guess!


I was excited today to see little tiny cabbages and cauliflower finally budding. I was starting to worry that would never happen and we'd just be eating the greens.

The only thing I'm concerned about is our cabbage has holes galore. I found one of these little worms on one leaf. I need to research them to see how to get rid of them. Mom suggested to spray with soapy water, maybe that would work.

We have been regularly harvesting lettuce and spinach, although today we pulled up the last of the spinach. It was going to seed. The kale continues to produce profusely so we have been sharing it with mom and a friend regularly. The turnips went to seed so I pulled them up today and cut off all the greens I'm going to blanch them and freeze for another time. I need to do that for 2 bags of kale as well. I think we might plant swiss chard or flowers where the turnips were.

A garden is such a wonderful thing to work on for our homeschooling. Learning to identify plants, how to care for a garden, looking up the bugs and remedies, and even what to cook with our harvested vegetables. What a wonderful garden we are having this year. Now if only we'll get some tomatoes!

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(P.S. Next time I make raised beds, I am SO using this idea!)


The Schneiders said...

I found you through Tuesday Garden Party. We have that same squash plant in our compost pile. It came up as a volunteer. We think that a yellow squash and a zucchini cross pollinated and the seeds got put in the compost. Crazy isn't it.

Also, you can use bt (dipel dust) on your cabbage. It only kills worms and caterpillars.

Youthful Pursuits said...

Visiting from HHH. It's so great to see those pictures from your garden. Just hope the bugs don't come and ruin your hard work.
Come by for a visit Rachel @ http://youthfulpursuits.blogspot.com/

jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa said...

Hi from HHH.

We also have square foot gardens. However, this year we are experiencing a terrible drought. It has been rough on our garden. Anything that does grow the deer eat.

You garden looks great. I love gardening with the children.

Stef Layton said...

my dad - who raised us on a yard of a garden (canned veg that lasted all year) said the same thing - get a spray bottle of soapy water.

Contessa Kris said...

Thanks Stef! I went ahead and bought a spray bottle last night, just in case! lol Will make up a batch to use when it quits raining.

Diana said...

Came through Tuesday Garden Party. The challenges of gardening! Between insects, heat, drought, late frosts in the spring, early frost in the fall followed by more heat -- I think I understand why folks left Tennessee for the Oregon Trail! Aah well, at least we don't HAVE to live off of our gardens. Just remember -- it's all process. I'm a homeschooling chicken keeping micro mini farm keeping mom, also -- enjoyed hopping through your blog, so I'm hitting follow.

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