Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicken House & Mealworms for Dinner

 (chicken house model, imagine a chicken wire part underneath)

Last night the little one and I sat down and perused these chicken trailers. We found quite a few that we liked but wanted to make out own. Pulling out scissors, cardstock and pencils we worked on making a model. 

(see the roosting boxes section planned?)

We still have a ways to go because I need to plan out double walls and what I need for those since we'll be insulating in between for winter warmth. 

Here's a pic of the plans for cutting pieces out of a sheet of paneling. Thankfully we have two we pulled off walls in the teen's room but we'll still buy two to use on the inside (since we're doubling the wood for insulated walls.) 

The little one drew a picture of what she thought it should look like. I've drafted a bit over it and I've kept a tally of measurements and am working on what pieces we need to cut for the supports of it. We're getting real technical here! lol  Can't wait until we actually build the darn thing!

Speaking of chickens...
I just joined the very informative Backyard Chicken Forum boards. Oh my goodness. I could stay on those boards forever. So much to learn! So much I did not know! 

For instance, chickens like mealworms. They're expecially good to have in the winter when the chickens can't find worms. We grew a few for a very short time while studying bugs one year in homeschool (they grow into beetles). I think its been about 3 years? Anyway, I found out that you can continually grown them and freeze the larvae to have chicken feed in the winter. Who knew! I plan to do this, although my family is going to balk at having frozen worms right up against their frozen veggies, meat and fruits in the freezer. I better start praying for a separate upright freezer! lol

Mealworm Links
Live Mealworms

I'm also learning about all the different things you can feed your chickens: cucumbers, and kale, lettuce, and cheese. Did you know they'll eat yogurt and it's really good for them? They also like melons, celery tops, pumpkins and bananas. Who knew that either? I expect if I keep researching, we probably wouldn't have to buy much feed for them at all.

Feeding Chickens Links
Chicken Feed - An Introduction
Chicken Treats chart
How To Feed Chickens 
Grass Fed Chickens? 
Feeding Chickens 

I'm off to do normal things like dishes and laundry, cutting up and freezing peachs (and making a peach cobbler!) and quit dreaming of little chickens in my backyard for now. The little one is playing with Playmobil and listening to a dramatized version of the Chronicles of Narnia books. Summer homeschooling at its best!

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Zonnah said...

Looks like you have done your research :) I love the model of your coop.

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