Monday, July 4, 2011

CONTEST - Name That Turtle

While we're waiting on chickens (planning/building our coop), a new friend has wandered into our lives.

He is a Three Toed Box Turtle, indigenous to our area of Missouri. He has three big toes on each back foot, not to be confused with the 5 toes on the front. We wandered into the middle of the road where my teen was driving. He's a lucky lucky turtle. lol She couldn't stand to have him run over so he came home with her.

Within 5 minutes of looking up what kind of turtle he might be, the little one had seen this habitat and had made a makeshift facsimile in the basement (the red 'thing' is a washcloth on top of a shelf where he can crawl under to hide.) He's especially fond of black and blueberries. We want to go to Wally World  to pick up crickets today. We plan to tackle an outdoor arena for him this afternoon.

He has a propensity for swimming in the little paper making tray we repurposed. And the little one put an old rag shirt on top of his hidding corner only to find later he had dragged it out to under the heat lamp and was laying under it. He's a funny little sort (or she, who knows really.)

The only problem with him is, he/she doesn't have a name. Mr. Turtle is what we're calling him at this point. I told the little one it should be something Greek, since she likes Greek myths but so far we haven't named him. That's where you come in. We need help naming our fat little turtle. What do you think?

The winner will receive a one of a kind drawing by the little one of 'Mr. Turtle' complete with the chosen name. I'm also throwing in a Swagbucks $5 gift certificate code to Amazon (you use it like money on Amazon when you check out.) Anyone is welcome to answer, children too! 

Name him well! Good Luck!


jbafaith said...

How about "Shelly"?
My grandson likes that one.

jbafaith2001 at yahoo dot com

Mel R said...

We discussed it and think that Oliver is a great name for a turtle.

seejanetwrite said...

Cute! My gender friendly name suggestion is: Citrus.

Contessa Kris said...

Thanks to those who helped name our turtle. We also posted the contest on a forums board I belong to and my dd chose a name from there. His name is Munchie! We're very happy with the name.

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