Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to Those Crazy Homeschoolers

Ohhh, a new blog. Just what I need with our busy lives. NOT! Yet I can't help myself. I'm thinking I need a blog just for homeschooling, to keep me and the children motivated, to meet like minded people, to show off to the grandparents at the very least (right?!) So here we go.

Our Homeschool History: (I'll try to keep it short. No really. I will.)
We started homeschooling when my (now) teen was going into 3rd grade. First of all, I didn't want to homeschool. Friends at church were doing it but I was like 'just because they're jumping off bridges, I don't have to follow right?' Besides, my dd and I are just alike. Headstrong, firstborns. There's no way we would get anything done in a day. I had a 1 1/2 yr old at home as well. Who has the time? DD was doing okay in her private christian school. She was in trouble sometimes for talking, daydreaming, not doing all the worksheets she was supposed to. She told us she was bored because they kept repeating the same stuff she knew. She also told us she wanted to dress and act like the teenagers in the school (nuh uh, baby!) One big problem I had was, her sister would cry for an hour after we dropped her off at school. She missed her that much.

Friend invited us to go to a homeschool conference. DH and I decided to go just so we could make sure we were doing the right thing by keeping her in private school. But God had different plans. We came away from the conference with ideas, and hope and a feeling of purpose. I didn't know what or how we were going to do it, but we decided to homeschool.

It hasn't been a bed of waffles or anything. Each year brings different feelings for me, and the girls. Some years they're looking forward to it and I'm dragging my feet and some years its just the opposite, more so in the teen. My going-into-4th-grader usually is excited to get back to math and science. I'll talk more about them and their interests later. Don't want to scare people away on my very first post. Just know that in my heart of hearts, I still feel like we're supposed to homeschool and I welcome comments, and suggestions, links to your homeschool sites and endeavors. Anything. I look forward to new homeschooling friendships. Bring it on!

God Bless.

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SuzyQSparkles said...

Great start! Looking forward to reading along.

Right now, my blog is a little bit of everything in my life which includes, but is not limited too: moving from Arizona to Wyoming, Homeschooling, Quilting, Crafting, Photography, Politics (just a bit of that was scary!), Musings, Winnings, (i hope) Tutorials, etc, etc, etc!

One bit of feedback on the new blog layout is that I had a real hard time reading the black text on the turquoise background... just not enough contrast. Perhaps you can play with your colors / fonts / etc. :D

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