Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Us & Squirrels

Yes, I know you're wondering about the blog name. I'm sure its obvious to most homeschoolers.

Organized-In-A-Schoolhouse schooling has been around so long when people hear you're homeschooling they're thinking, you can't do that! And when you explain all the reasons that, YES, I can do that and here is how we do it, they still sneer a bit at the obsurdity of keeping our children home instead of sending them to qualified teachers. This is our 8th year homeschooling our children so I think people have gotten used to us by now but I know they're still thinking 'those crazy homeschoolers' every time we do something out of the ordinary. That's what people are thinking when my dd is running around the backyard in a long shirt (her daddy's that she likes to sleep in) and building her squirrel catcher. Or when we hit the library or thrift store on our way to grocery shopping in the middle of one of our light days of schooling. It's also what my mailman is thinking every time we answer the door in our school clothes (PJs) to take packages from him. Yes, we're 'those crazy homeschoolers', what will we think of next?

I don't really care what people think. Oh, I do care on some level but not enough to keep us closeted indoors all the time. I know what we are doing is right, legal and much much better than the schools around here, that's for sure. I mean really. Have you seen the teens down the street sunning in their tiny bikinis? I think my child can run around the yard in her sleep shirt. She has more clothes on at least. Plus, at this time, I still feel its what God wants us to do, so how can you argue with him?

Note: About the squirrel catcher. DD #2 drew a whole schematic diagram before putting the plan into action. The bell is so she can hear the squirrel be caught although not sure how that's supposed to happen from inside. She set it up the night before and the pear was gone the next day but the bucket was still up. So she modified her plan. She's hoping for a catching tonight. Not sure what she plans to do then and we're not letting her keep a squirrel but its a great experiment in science endeavors. I love it when children think for themselves!

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