Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birds & Dolls

We've been undecided on what homeschool curriculum to use with dd#2, the 4th grader for history and science. I thought we might do the unit study approach, we haven't done that in awhile and she always enjoys more free studying. After much deliberation she decided to learn about Birds (science) and the History of Dolls. Very eclectic but I think it will be fun. SO far I've ordered all our books from the library. I got ideas for both studies from the books:
How To Create Your Own Unit Study and The Unit Study Idea Book both by Valerie Bendt. Books I highly recommend. Here's a sample of what we have coming:

(videos) John James Audubon, Robert Bateman, Birds, birds, birds!, Amazing Birds of America, All About Birds, Birds & things with wings
(books) Draw 50 Birds, John Audubon, young naturalist, Painting Your Favorite Birds, Bird Eggs, Bird Families, An Illustrated guide to attracting birds, How Do Birds Fly?, State Birds, Birds With Bracelets
(poetry) Wings from the wind, Sing a Song of Popcorn, Bird watch

History of Dolls:
(videos) Queen Mary's dolls' house, Hitty : an American travel doll, Raggedy Ann & Andy
(books) Dolls' house : inspirations, 500 handmade dolls, The honest-to-goodness story of Raggedy Andy, The history and art of googlies, The real-for-sure story of Raggedy Ann, The ultimate doll book, American folk dolls, The dollhouse mystery, The dollhouse magic, Dollhouse decor, The apple doll, Dollhouse Mouse, Make your own toys, The Pooh craft book

Now I just need to look for some supplements to these studies online and we're set for Monday! Hopefully the books come in on time.

** Squirrel Update: They stole the pear again. lol I told dd that the squirrels must be smart, as opposed to her earlier comment about them being 'dumb animals'. She said 'But I'm smarter. Gotta try again.' She certainly is tenacious. **

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trisha too said...

You have another blog!

You have another blog!

Good for you. I'm going to tell
an imaginary friend--I mean, computer friend--right now. She just started this year.

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