Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scripture In Pictures

 (Psalm 100: 1-3)

This week we've been experimenting with how we learn scripture. I'm sure we've tried memorizing things before but with this year being our first year using Charlotte Mason methods, we're memorizing scripture. We started our homeschool year memorizing the Lord's Prayer. I thought that was an easy one to start with since the little one had heard it and probably tried saying it  a few times in church. So memorizing that one went pretty well.

Then we moved on to Psalm 23. What a soothing, comforting passage! The little one took right to it and we had no problems memorizing it. I think because its kind of like a story. I used this scripture passage to teach inflection in speech. The little one has a habit of just running through the sentences as fast as she can remember them but I had her learn it like she was giving a speech. So others could understand what she was saying. I've also told her how excited her grandma is going to be when she tells the learned scriptures to her. This added incentive creates more pride in the learning and speaking.

After that we tried memorizing Psalm 100. Something about that scripture was hard! A lot of praising, gladness, joy and faithfulness. Don't get me wrong, wonderful words of wisdom. But words that don't  conjure up immediate pictures in your head. So, after several frustrating days of not getting anywhere, we turned to picture-grams. This took the fun of learning up a notch and made us forget the drudgery of repetition (that my children seem to hate with a passion.)

(Psalm 100: 4-5)

We took liberties with some of the words (one of my favs is dd's interpretation  of 'good' as a thumbs up! lol) We used a face to indicate 'his, him or he' and an up arrow to mean 'Lord'. I think my daughter got more out of the experience than trying to memorize a scripture by rote.

We have some ambitious scriptures passages coming up I'm hoping we are able to get through:
Deuteronomy 5: 6-21  (Ten Commandments)
Matthew 5: 1-12 (The Beatitudes)
Luke 2: 1-20 (birth of Jesus)

How do you learn scripture? What passages do you learn?

(Sorry about the picture quality, taken with the cell phone and written on a white board.)


S. said...

One thing I tried with my littlest this year was "learn one verse, get one small toy." Wow, the kid learns fast...I put a stop to that system fairly quickly. LOL Now I am trying a system of points where he earns a visit to Chuck E. Cheese. We'll see if he's as motivated....

Nancy said...

I think your pict-o-grams are a wonderful way to do written narrations! Bravo! It reminds me of what Arthur Burrell said about recitation: "Personality must play its part: you want to get the good reading out of a child, not to drum it into him."(Parents' Review Article, "Recitation: The Children's Art")


Richele said...

Your picto-gram for entering His court with praise really made me smile!

We use Sonya Shafer's CM method posted over at Simply Charlotte Mason. I love that my children are learning whole blocks of Scripture rather than just a verse at a time.

Bethany said...

This is really neat. I have never considered the possiblity of memorizing such large blocks of scripture. We usually use just one verse.

The pictures would make it way easier.

We usually learn sign language to our scriptures.


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