Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homeschool Art Projects

Awhile back we had an Art Friday where we made jewelry. The kids had the best time using game pieces, the Dremel tool, E-6000 glue, jewels and so much more. I had a bit of fun too! (You'll notice 'some' of us didn't get out of our pajamas at all that day. I live homeschooling! lol)

The circles you see are soon-to-be rings I made for a get together with my family. We had a 'Ladies Poker Night' with mom, teen, me and my 2 sister in laws, although we played Spades instead! lol The rings weren't ready in time (we played Oct. 4th) so I plan to have them ready by the next round of Spades.

We've had homeschool co-op for the last 5 Fridays. The last class is this Friday so I'm hoping to resume 'Art Fridays' next week. Wonder what we should work on next?
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