Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Goodness!

I'm a pushover. Both my kids (ages 16 & 9) stood in the middle of Michaels and whined in 2 year old voices when they saw this:

And I caved. After I told them I don't listen to baby whining of course. They asked nicely, it was on sale $3 off, so I gave in. It's the season, what can I say? We've already called the parts we get to eat when Halloween is over. I was smart. I went with the roof and all that frosting. Yay me.

The kids enjoyed creating together although the teen has a thing about it being a 'certain' way. I told them to play nice or I would take over and make it myself. I will say I was a bit disappointed in the kit and how much it skimped. There were only 5 gumdrops. 5! What kind of nonsense is that? None for me to eat while they create! That's probably why it was on sale, there was a gumdrop shortage. lol

1 comment:

Melyssa R
Boulder County, CO

Very cute! B keeps begging to get one also. We get the Christmas ones and those are always wimpy on candy too.

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